10 Gifts that Cyclists will Love

It’s that time of year again when we struggle to think of imaginative gifts for our friends and loved ones. If they’re cyclists, this post gives you ten great ideas suitable for all budgets.

  1. Track Day – most velodromes offer track experience sessions where riders can experience the thrill of riding on a real velodrome on a real track bike. This has to be an unforgettable gift that any cyclist would love to receive.

  2. Skills Session – if your loved one is a mountain biker, a skills training session could be a fantastic gift. Not only will it improve their skills, and they’ll have an unforgettable time, but you will know that the next time they ride, they’ll have better technique and be that little bit safer.

  3. Books – we all love to flick through a good book, and the great thing is they are affordable. Spread the festive joy by giving Simply Road Cycling (naturally, other books are available) to all of your friends and family.

  4. Winter Sun – what says that you really care about someone more than a cycling winter sun holiday? If you live in the States, why not have a South American adventure; if you’re in Europe, how about a pre-spring training camp in Mallorca or the Canary Islands?

  5. Art – if you can’t be out on the road cycling, what could be better than something beautiful hanging on the wall to admire. We love the cycling prints by Pedalare.

  6. Race Watching – road races and criteriums are fantastic events to go and watch. The atmosphere is unique and whatever the day brings, you’re always guaranteed an exciting time. For larger budgets, take in a mountain stage of one of the grand tours; for those with shallower pockets, a local criterium race and grabbing a take-out meal is a fantastic shared experience.

  7. Clean Stuff – a clean bike is great to look at and ride. There’s a massive range of bike cleaning products on the market, and several manufacturers supply cleaning kits that make a great present. As a starter, you can try MucOff’s Ultimate Bicycle Cleaning Kit.

  8. Strava Summit – everyone (well, almost) loves Strava, but not all of us are willing to invest in a Summit subscription even though it’s packed with additional features. Show how much you care by taking a subscription for a loved one this festive season.

  9. Foodie Gifts – sports nutrition products are consumable; so, you don’t need to worry about someone already having them. There are loads of manufactures our there, but try healthy, natural products, such as Cliff Bars or TORQ products, to ensure that your gift is a hit.

  10. Zwift – not everyone has the weather or time to get out on the road during the winter months. In the past, we had to suffer the mind-numbing boredom of sitting on rollers or a turbo trainer for hours. No more. Zwift takes indoor training to a whole new level allowing cyclists to compete against each other in ‘real world’ environments.

So, there you have it – some great gift ideas that beat the usual suspects of tools and clothing. If you’ve got some great gift ideas, we’d love you to share them in the comments section below.


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