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Jon S. - 5 Star Review

Fantastic, easy to follow book

“This is a really good book packed full of valuable information and advice.

The author has a great writing style which makes the book very enjoyable to read. This combined with the well presented information makes it an invaluable manual for any cyclist.”

Helen T. - 5 Star Review

A must-have guide to road cycling.

“A comprehensive guide for anyone interested in road cycling, from beginners to those wanting tips to develop their skills and learn new techniques. It's an enjoyable read as well as being informative, with plenty of motivational quotes to inspire!”


Simply Road Cycling…

is a ‘must have’ book for any budding or developing cyclist.

Taking you on a journey that will empower you to become the rider of your dreams, this book compresses decades of knowledge and experience on the bike into a comprehensive and enlightening read - brought to life by incredible photography and practical know-how that's invaluable for any road cyclist. Sharing tips and techniques that are passed down from rider to rider, this is your essential guide to starting and improving your road cycling.

Table of Contents:

  • 1 - Introduction

  • 5 - Choosing a Road Bike

  • 21 - Getting the Right Fit

  • 39 - Selecting the Right Gear: What to Wear

  • 63 - Taking Your First Pedal Strokes

  • 83 - Getting More from Your Ride

  • 97 - Climbing: The Ugly Truth

  • 115 - Descending: Trade Secrets

  • 129 - Maintaining Your Bike

  • 175 - Riding with Others

  • 187 - Moving Forward: Your Next Steps

  • 203 - Final Thoughts

  • 204 - Acknowledgements

  • 206 - Further Reading

  • 209 - Table of Figures

  • 213 - About the Author